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design for marketing

I have worked with a vast array of businesses all with different needs and tastes. I have a broad and successful design experience and can produce designs for print, email, web and motion/social media projects. Whether you need to market your product, create a brand, promote your business or produce an event video for social media, web projects or webinars, I can help.

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“Phil makes sure we stay current using innovative design”
Maxine Laurie Marshall, former Editor of B2B Marketing magazine Winner of PPA Independent Business magazine of the Year"
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Print & direct mail design

I can help you create the perfect company report, brochure or direct mail campaign. We can create a new brand or tailor your existing graphics into engaging collateral. This message can then be translated into social, email, and digital channels.

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email, web and social media graphics

Using my broad technical experience in different sectors we can create graphics to portray your content in every medium. You are using the same designer throughout your project, consistency is key.

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motion graphics

Create modern theatre for your product or explainer with motion graphics. Motion graphics can be used in Social media stings, HTML5 web pages, event signage and in event openers.

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