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webinar graphics

Your webinars should be every bit as engaging and exciting as your live events but brand and content consistancy is key. Whether you want to create graphics to be uploaded to webinar software or creating branded graphics for a webinar specialist they should convey the same message throughout your marketing. I can help you deliver consistancy but with flare.

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“I really appreciate all of Phil’s hard work with all our events and with such a super fast turnaround. He is a magician!” Harsha McArdle, project manager

Event signage

I have a huge amount of experience working with associations and event companies like Professional Beauty, The Telegraph Festival of Business. Whether it’s creating a brand, developing cohesive signage, motion graphics, branded apps or just simply an agenda, I can help make your event stand out.

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event motion graphics

Creating an event video can turn your business into a fresh, dynamic and engaging one. It shouldn’t just be an after thought, I can help you turn your event or product into a theatrical triumph. It shouldn’t stop there, I like to add value by creating social media teasers and web graphics for a full offering.

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